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Run Lines With Me

Memorize lines. Easy. Fast.

Run Lines With Me is an iOS app designed to help actors at all levels memorize lines as easily and as quickly as possible. Recording lines is direct and straightforward. Rehearsing uses proven memorization techniques, and can be done nearly anywhere.

Record your scenes.

  • No need to worry about typing in character names, scene numbers, or anything at all, really.
  • No need to tediously record one line at a time to get through the scene.
  • Record the scene just once straight through, tapping one button to indicate which lines are yours. That's it!
Recording Screen with easy controls
Slider control for rehearsing

Rehearse your lines and commit them to memory quickly.

  • Practice anytime you might listen to music or a podcast: on your commute, while you make dinner, on a walk, and more.
  • Start simple by hearing your lines out loud.
  • When you're ready, Run Lines With Me will leave a pause for you to say your line, then check to see how you did.
  • After you're comfortable, Run Lines With Me can help you do a speed through to make sure your lines are locked in.


Run Lines With Me is free to download and get started. You can make up to 10 recordings without subscribing. That's enough for you to try out using the app to memorize your lines for your next project. You can rehearse with your recordings for free, forever.

If you choose to subscribe, you'll get to make unlimited recordings, you'll get access to some subscriber-only features, and you'll know you're helping support future development of Run Lines With Me.

You can choose to subscribe for just a few months (long enough for your next project), or subscribe annually for the best value.

You can always rehearse forever with recordings you've made, whether or not you are a subscriber.