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Run Lines With Me and Your Data

This page contains some details about how Run Lines With Me might collect, store, or otherwise treat your data, when that data includes identifying information, and when it does not. The short version is this: we prefer not to collect or store any information about you that we don't absolutely need to offer you the app and features you expect. It's simply easier and safer to not store your data in the first place.

We sell subscriptions to the app so that you can support ongoing development, and we don't need to sell your data to third party advertising companies in order to make ends meet.

What data does Run Lines With Me collect?

Name and/or Email address

You do not have to create any kind of account or give us your email address to use Run Lines With Me.

If you contact us ( ) with a question or problem, we will use your email address to reply about your issue, and may keep it on file for future reference to that issue. We will not use it for advertising, marketing, or any other purpose, and we will not sell it to any third party ever.

We offer an email newsletter, for which we collect email addresses via a web form on our website. If you sign up via that form, we will keep your email address on file for the purposes of the newsletter, and each email sent to you will include a link to unsubscribe. We will not use your email address for any other purpose or sell it to any third party.


We do collect some generic aggregated data about what devices are running the app, and how often. For example, we might learn that 12% of downloads are made on iPads and the rest are on iPhones. We may also get information about how and where the app is being used. This kind of data is supplied by Apple, and never includes any personally identifying information.

If on your device you have opted to share information with developers, we may also get reports of any app crashes. This data may include more specifics about your device and which version of iOS you are running, but still won't include any personally identifying information.

If you contact us for help with a problem, we may ask for more details about your device in order to troubleshoot. Any information you give us would be used only to help with the issue, and would never be shared with a third party.

App Usage

We do collect some specific usage data, which is used to learn about how people use the app so that we can make decisions about how to make it better. The data we collect is statistical in nature, and does not include any personally identifying information like your name, the titles of any of your recordings, or text or audio from any of your recordings. The usage data we can collect might include, but is not limited to, the number of recordings made, and the length of time rehearsed in the app. For example, we might record that "a user (no name, no email) somewhere in the United Kingdom has made 18 recordings and rehearsed for 12 hours since installing the app."


The recordings you make are stored locally on your device, and never leave it.

It is possible, in the future, that we may add the ability to sync your recordings between devices. Doing so would involve uploading the recordings to a server for syncing purposes. If we were to add this feature, we would update this page with necessary information regarding the service and notify users in advance.

If you have any questions at all about what data Run Lines With Me interacts with and how it does so, please contact us at and we'll be happy to provide an answer.

  • 8/1/2020 - Added section on App Usage data
  • 11/14/2018 - Added email newsletter information